Update & Continued Prayers

Thank you to everyone who has held my mother, Betty Garrette, and our family in your prayers.  It was touch and go for a couple of days as to whether she was going to make it, but God is good.  To update you on her, she suffered two “mini” strokes as the Neurologist explained to us, but the potential for more is very prominent as her carotid artery on the left side is 75-80% blocked and the surgery to stint it is extremely dangerous and risky.  They will be treat it with medication in lieu of surgery.  She was moved yesterday to a rehabilitation facility to help build her strength back up and work on her speech and mobility.  We were told she should never live alone again and we will need to address her living arrangements once she is able to leave the rehab center.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers, as well as those caring for her at  NHC in Nashville.  Thank you.

Susan Davis

Project Administrator-Office/HR Manager

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