Urgent Prayer Request

Please keep this family in your prayer.  Pastor April forwarded the information below about their terrible struggle right now.  Prayers also for the medical team attending to Leigh and Van and as mentioned below the parents are in a very fragile state, so only God can heal them and guide the doctors on how best to treat them.  Pray for the children (Ava & Piers) as they struggle with not being able to talk to their parents and understand the complexity and seriousness of this terrible tragedy.  Thank you.

Please pray for a family here in Marietta, Georgia. I don’t know them personally, but they are in need of lots of prayers on their behalf. The mother and father (Leigh and Van) where involved in a terrible accident a couple months ago and have been in the hospital fighting for their lives. They were out in their back yard enjoying their outside gas grill and for some unknown reason the gas grill exploded and burned Leigh and Van over 75% on their bodies. Their children (Ava and Piers) were not outside with them, so they are safe. Unfortunately, the children’s’ lives have been turned upside down, due to their parents health issues. The doctor’s have had to keep Leigh and Van sedated, so they don’t feel the pain of their injuries. The children have been staying with relatives and have not been able to talk with their parents yet. It is a terrible tragedy.

Anyway, If you could pass this informationon for prayers for this family, I know that only God can heal Leigh and Van. They are in a fragile health status, so only God can heal them and guide the doctors on how best to treat them.


Pack a Backpack for the Homeless

Mary Justice, who has been involved in helping the homeless for the past few years, sent the request below for those that can help this holiday season.

Jason Winter (Hope thru Soap) is doing his annual backpack blessings this year. The goal is 300 backpacks for the folks on the street.

If anyone would like to donate a backpack or two that would be fantastic and I know Jason would be appreciative and the folks would have a smile on their face.


Scarfs, toboggans, gloves, hand warmers, socks, tooth brush, tooth paste, hand wipes, blanket, shampoo, deodorant, combs, hygiene items, maybe a paperback book, little notepads, pens or pencils, some non perishable snacks, and a bottle of water. If anyone wants to do a ladies backpack, just add some feminine products.

Also for a child, add coloring or activity books, crayons and bubbles.

The backpacks can be brought to the church no later than the 2nd Sunday in December, I will gather them and deliver. Just place them in the back of the church.

Prayer Request

Vachel Fernandez sent the message below and asked for prayers and support if you are willing to help.  Vachel suffers with multiple health issues and currently doesn’t have insurance or the funds to see a doctor and she needs to go to a rheumatologist.  Her daughter set up a Go Fund Me account to help raise funds so she can pay the medical fees.  Below is Vachel’semail to me and a link to theGoFundMe.comwebsite.  At the very least, pray for Vachel and if you can help financially in any way,click on the link below.  Thank you. 

Susan, this is vachel vinson-fernandez, I have been unable to attend church lately due to being very ill. I have set up a go fund me account on my Facebook page if anyone in church family would like to help me see a new dr after mine died I would appreciate the help. Thank you


Prayer for the hurting

Fred Birk asked for prayers for those hurting and lonely.  Please see his message below and hold those who feel unloved, alone and lost in your prayers.  Thank you.

From: Fred Birk
Subject: Pray for the hurting

Susan my heart is heavy this morning. Please send this to our church family.

I want to start off by telling you there will be grammatical errors but here my heart.  I woke up this morning around 6:00 and received a text. It was a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while. She proceeded to tell me she is having thoughts of ending her life. I told to seek help and that I love her and I don’t judge if she needs someone to talk to.

Earlier this weekend I had another friend tell me that he is all alone and nobody cares and doesn’t know what or where to go or do. Why you ask am I saying this well... I believe that God put each of us on this journey to be a ear, a open heart ,or arms to wrap the hurting. We need to pray for the people that receive this news and have the right words to help them and get them the professional guidance. Love God and love neighbor. We don’t have to agree but we can Christ’s example. Loving the outcasts and being there for them.  I love you so much Hollydale and grateful for each of you. God is good and near to the broken hearted.

Thanks for letting me share my heart!!

Help someone and tell them that you genuinely love them.


Susan Davis

Project Administrator-Office/HR Manager

300 Galleria Parkway, SE, Suite 200 / Atlanta, GA 30339


Funeral arrangements for Jane Guinn

Ms. Jane Guinn will be buried in Columbus, Ga, this  Friday @ 2pm.  Below are the details of her services. Please continue to keep her family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of their loved one.

Viewing & VIsitation - Thursday, 5pm-7pm

Striffler Hambly Mortuary

4071 Macon Road

Columbus GA  31907

Funeral Service - Friday, 2pm

Riverdale Cemetery

1000 Victory Drive

Columbus, GA  31901


Praises!  Received this great update today from Donna on her daughter Shelly. God is GOOD and thank you all for your prayers.  Please keep Shelly and her family in your prayers as they continue this journey.  Thank you.

Good morning, Susan.  I wanted to share a praise with you.  Shelly got the results of some tests and she does NOT have to have chemo!!  That is such wonderful news.  Shelly was really struggling with what her course of action would be if she had to have chemo.  She knows the terrible side effects of chemo and the long term benefits can be temporary she wasn't sure she wanted to take the therapy.  It is a huge burden lifted from her and our family.

Thank you all for your prayers for Shelly and our family.


Prayer Request

Please continue to keep Roslyn Flint Oliver and her family in your prayers.  Mary sent an update below on her condition.  Thank you.

Susan, please share this with our prayer warriors.  An update on Roslyn.  Her surgery went well, but the doctor gave Heath some news that probably deep down he was expecting but he was clinging to hope.  The surgeon said his mom would not  walk again.  The spine was damaged too severely.  Heath,  has a strong faith and he and the rest of us believe that God has a plan for Roslyn.  She is a strong Christian. An angel to many. A lady who has a sweet smile and loves flowers, birds and life.  She loves her grandchildren.  And it is a miracle that she is alive today after seeing the pictures of the crash.  So God has a plan and we all know that God is the great physician and miracles do happen.  So please keep praying for this family.Her husband is being discharged this week and will be going to a rehab facility.

If anyone would like to send cards to Roslyn, Dalton or Heath, here are the addressesDalton OliverVia Christi Rehab1151 N Rock RoadWichita, KS  67206

Heath Wade, PO Box 751, Cusseta, Ga 31805

Roslyn Flint Oliver, Christi Hospital St Francis, 929 St Francis NWichita, KS  67214Her room number was 6029. Thanks


Prayer Request

Please continue to keep Gregg Detweiler and Toni Cox in your prayers.  Gregg received clearance yesterday to go home to Seattle after his heart surgery earlier this month.  Toni is recovering from her hip surgery and is struggling but says each day is getting a little better.  Thanks to the Hollydale ladies who have provided meals to Toni and her family. Please continue to pray for comfort and healing.  Thank you.

Prayer Request and Update

Received the update below from Gail Draper on her foot surgery.  Thanks to good friends for helping her!  Please continue to keep Gail in your prayers as she recovers from her surgery.  Thank you.

Prayer Request

Well the operation was a success they remove the ball of bone, she sai'd it went beautifully... then the skin graph, she said it was doubled and it looks wonderful. Then in recovery she said oh no weight on it for 48 hrs! Omg I did want to spend 2 days in the hospital ! So with the great thinking of Megan and Brenda  Acks we decide to buy a bed side potty and park it in the living room next my recliner. Then bless their hearts they have been running back and forth with meals and doing my errands and feeding my pack (of dogs). So I'm home and doing fine.  Just light pain praise God! My God is an awesome God! I'm Blessed to have such loving friends! Megan Acks Perkins has been by my side from the begining.

Prayer Request

Please keepGail Draper in your prayers.  Gail will undergo surgeryat 3pm today on her foot.  Please see her note below.  Pray for the medical team doing the surgery, answers and for comfort and healing for Gail.  Thank you.

Just wanted to ask for prayers

They are cutting- sawing the golf ball size bone off the bottom of my foot instep. Then they will sew that up and do the stem cell skin graph, on the hole in the bottom of my foot. To close the wound.  Pray for me, just a tad bit scared

Prayer Request

Please keep Lea Wallace, her husband Bill and their family in your thoughts and prayers.  Lea got some really disturbing health news  She has been in Kennestone Hospital for a week as she was admitted for some vertigo issues.  But, after tests were run, she was diagnosed with MS.  Lea's faith is strong, but I know this weighs heavy on her mind and heart.  She is going to start receiving treatment and hopes to be home very soon.  If you would like to send her a word or encouragement, her address is below.  Thank you.

2313 Habersham Drive

Marietta Ga 30064

Susan Davis

Update and Urgent Prayer Request

Please continue to pray for Gregg, Toni’s brotherand his wife Lynn, Toni and their family.  Gregg is in surgery right now having four stents put in three arteries and it is a very high risk surgery for him.  Pray for steady hands and clear minds for the doctors and medical team as well.  Pray for comfort and healing.  We all know God is in the miracle business!  Family has asked there be no visitors.  Thank you.

Prayer and a Praise

A prayer request was mentioned during worship service on Sunday thatJanie Deadwylerwill undergo surgery this week and prayers were requested.  Janie has made me aware that the surgery was cancelled and she appreciates your continued prayers.  Also, today is Janie’s birthday, so she gets to celebrate it without the anxiety of surgery!  Happy Birthday, Janie.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  Thank you.