Praises for Fred Birk!  Last year, many may remember Fred had heart surgery and his lipid panel results were not good.  Fred shared that after some medication and a good exercise plan put into place, he had the lipid panel test done this past week and all his numbers were great!  He thanks everyone for their prayers and wanted to share his success! 


Susan Davis

Services for Nancy I Cabe

Please find below the Memorial Service arrangements for Nancy Cabe, Emily Akers’ mother.  Please continue to hold Emily and her family in your prayers.  Thank you.


Friday, August 30th

6pm – 8pm

Parrott Funeral Home

8355 Senoia Road

Fairburn, GA  30213

(770) 964-4800

Memorial Service

Saturday, August 31st

11:00 am

Fairburn United Methodist Church

5 Washington Street

Fairburn, GA  30213


Prayer Request

Please keep Nancy, Emily Akers’ mother, in your prayers.  Nancy has been very ill and was able to go to a rehabilitation center; but unfortunately, she is back in the hospital with an infection.  Her spirit is good, but her body is weak.  Prayers for comfort and healing for Nancy.  Also keep Leonard, Emily and their family in your prayers during this difficult time.  Thank you. 


Prayer Request

Please keep Peggy Thornton in your prayers.  Peggy is undergoing some medical tests (MRI & PET Scan) and will have a biopsy to determine what her next steps will be.  She has been told she will not undergo surgery, but may have to do some radiation and possibly chemo.  Obviously, Peggy is very upset with this news.  Pray for answers, comfort and strength for Peggy as she moves forward with these steps.  Thank you.

Update and Continued Prayers

Please continue to keep Shelly Early, Donna Parrish's daughter in your prayers.  Shelly is recovering well from her first surgery she had about 10 days ago, but is schedule to have her second surgery on Monday.  Please pray for the medical team caring for her, as well as comfort, healing and a good recovery for Shelly.  Also keep her family in your prayers and they help her through this time.  Thank you. 

Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for Joyce Ashworth and her family.  Joyce is David Wilson's sister-in-law from his marriage to Harriett and aunt to his sons, Dwight & David.  Joyce had a severe heart attack and it took about 20 minutes to resuscitate her.  She was taken to Emory Hospital @ Emory for additional attention, testing and currently is in a coma.  The family is extremely concerned and praying for answers.  Joyce has three children and several grandchildren.  Please pray for the medical team caring for Joyce and for answers, comfort and healing.  Thank you.

Prayer Request

Please pray for safe travels for Daniel and John Bozeman as they return home today from Louisiana.  Debra sent the message below and asked for prayers for them and thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes during this difficult time after her losing her brother.  Please also continue to hold Debra and her family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of their loved one.  Thank you.

Dan and John are headed home today,  I'm staying behind to help clear out my brothers things. Please ask the church to pray for safe travelling for them. Thank for everyone for their prayers and well wishes. 

Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for Debra Bozeman and her family.  I received Debra’s note below relating to the sudden death of her brother Edward.  Many may recall we have had Edward on our prayer list for a while.  Prayers for travel mercies for Debra and her boys as they leave today for Louisiana and for comfort and peace for the family as they grieve the loss of their loved one. 

Susan would you please let the church know that my brother Edward passed away yesterday. He had a heart attack and he was alone so no one was there to help him. We are really in need of prayer. He was doing so well and was so happy. I'm heading to Louisiana today with the boys we ask for travel mercies.  Thanks Susan

Sad news

From Susan Davis

It is with a very heavy heart and great sadness that I send you this email.  My baby sister, Ketiva Lynch, whom many have prayed for over the past few years, lost her battle with Lupus late this afternoon.  She was rushed to the hospital with a possible heart attack and did not survive.  She was 49 years old and suffered with Lupus for almost 18 years and it just overcame her body and destroyed her organs over time.  She was always so positive and loved her Lord and knew in her heart that He was there with her all the time.  God definitely held her up many times through her struggles, especially during the times she questioned Him as to why her.  Please keep her husband Bill and their daughters Magen, Mallory and McKenzie in your prayers as they grieve this sudden loss of a wife and wonderful mother.  Please keep me and my family in your prayers as well as we support them through this difficult time and also grieve the loss of my baby sister and my children's favorite aunt in the world.  Thank you.