Prayer Request—Jeff Early

Please hold Jeff Early and his family in your prayers.  Donna Parrish shared the prayer request below regarding Jeff’s situation.  Pray for answers and healing.  Thank you.

Susan, I'd like to ask prayers for the cousin of a coworker of mine.  His name is Jeff Early (No relation to my son-in-law that we are aware.).  Jeff was found Saturday afternoon lying face down in his home.  He doesn't know how he got there.  The last he remembers he was in a bar on Friday evening.  No one knows how Jeff got home or what happened to him.  He lay on his arm so long there is major damage to the arm and doctors are unsure if they will be able to save it.  Jeff is also experiencing some swelling in his brain and issues with his kidneys.  Jeff is a heavy equipment operator so losing his arm would have a major effect on him being able to do his job.  He is a kind and generous man and his family is very worried about him and asks we pray for his healing.  The big hurdle right now is his arm.  The doctors think the other issues will right themselves in time.  Thank you all for your prayer on Jeff's behalf.