Praises - Danny Craik

Danny sent the message below to give his Hollydale family some good news about his move to New York.  Please keep Danny in your prayers as he starts this new job and for his continued progress in this new life he has.  Thank you.

Hello Susan. This is Danny Craik. I'm pleased to report I got a job at Emmanuel United Methodist Church as a custodian. It's full time. 40 hours a week. The pay is 11 dollars per hour. When I do a good job, I will be able to earn 12 dollars per hour. 

It's better than the restaurant job because Emmanuel United Methodist Church is only 10 minutes away from my apartment. The restaurant is about 40 minutes away from my apartment. 

I start my job at Emmanuel United Methodist Church one week from tomorrow. The problem with the restaurant is that it's still under construction. I have no idea when it will be open. 

Other good news is On Sunday, July 9th, I will officially be a member of Emmanuel United Methodist Church. Pastor Darryl will usher in new members during church that day. 

Please pray I do well at the job at church. Thank you for everything you and Sunday School class and everyone at church has done for me. 

Please pass this along to everyone at church. 

I love you and I hope to see you on July 9th if possible. 

De Colores. All my love, 

Danny Craik