Prayers for family of missing girl

Please pray for Jenna Van Gelderen and her family.  Shelley sent the request and attached picture with the information below on the disappearance of Jenna.  Please pray for her safety and that she is reunited with her family.  Thank you.


I am asking for prayers for this 25 year old girl and her family. Her name is Jenna Van Gelderen; brown hair; she is a high functioning autistic.  She was house sitting for her family and her brother went to check on her and found she was missing.  She drives a blue Mazda 6 sedan license plate # PWH502.  If anyone sees her or her vehicle they should call DeKalb Police.  She is the daughter of an attorney our firm works closely with.  Prayers that her family gets reunited with their daughter and that Jenna is safe.  There are several articles online regarding her. She has been missing for almost a month.  Thank you.

Susan Davis