Continued Prayer Request

Please continue to keep Kasey Smith in your prayers.  Kasey is the sister of my daughter's friend and we sent out a request for prayer a few weeks ago for her serious health condition.  Below is any update on her situation.  Thank you.


Here is an update on Kasey…

She was in rehab and doing pretty well. However, things took a turn for the worst at the end of last week. She was sent back to the hospital. She now needs another liver transplant, she had one as a child so this will be her second. Her father was going to be a donor, but she needs a full liver this time so they have to wait on a cadaver. While they’re doing the liver transplant, they also want to do a kidney transplant on both of her kidneys. She is for sure going to miss Charlies and Nicole’s wedding which they’re very disappointed about. However, they really just want Kasey back on the up and up and on the road to recovery. They are discussing postponing the wedding until she can be there, but that isn’t confirmed yet.