Prayer Request

Vachel Fernandez sent the message below and asked for prayers and support if you are willing to help.  Vachel suffers with multiple health issues and currently doesn’t have insurance or the funds to see a doctor and she needs to go to a rheumatologist.  Her daughter set up a Go Fund Me account to help raise funds so she can pay the medical fees.  Below is Vachel’semail to me and a link to theGoFundMe.comwebsite.  At the very least, pray for Vachel and if you can help financially in any way,click on the link below.  Thank you. 

Susan, this is vachel vinson-fernandez, I have been unable to attend church lately due to being very ill. I have set up a go fund me account on my Facebook page if anyone in church family would like to help me see a new dr after mine died I would appreciate the help. Thank you