Prayers and Uptdate on Gordon Sauerbrun

Here is an update as he had his surgery this morning.

Did well in surgery. Going into ICU. Family should be able to see him in about an hour. Will have to see if he can maintain a steady heart rate over the next couple of weeks to see if permanent pacemaker will be needed or not.

Prayers for travel mercies for Beth and Carey as they are driving to Ohio.

Please keep Gordon Sauerbrun and his family in your prayers. Mary Justice sent the note below regarding Gordon’s condition.  Gordon is Mary’s Justice’s son-in-law Cary’s dad.  Thank you.

Susan, I would like to send out a prayer request for Carey's dad, Gordon Sauerbrun.  He has been having some heart issues and will be having surgery on 2 13 2018 to fix his Artois valve as well as cleaning up some other items.  Gordon calls it maintenance items.  There is a possibility even with the surgery that he still may need a pace maker.

Prayers needed for the surgical team, the hospital staff, Gordon and Marilyn(Carey's mom) as well as Carey and his sister Carol.

Praying for good results. Praying for strength and healing.  Praying for comfort of all anxieties and that God will cover Gordon and Marilyn and Carey and Carol with peace.

Susan Davis