Prayer Request

Please keep Austin Walker and his family, in your prayers.  Austin is Peggy Thornton’s grandson and is at Children’s Healthcare.  Please see Peggy’s email below regarding Austin’s medical condition and request for prayers.  Please pray for this little guy to get better and be able to go home soon.  He’s in good hands at Children’s Hospital and prayers for the medical team and his parents and grandmother.  Thank you.

I am requesting prayers for my eight-month old grandson, John Austin Walker. He was admitted to Children's Healthcare on 02/26 with a 104 temp. and labored breathing. He has a severe case of bronchiolitis with no improvement. He has been on oxygen and continues to spike a fever. When the oxygen level is lowered, he has to work harder to breath,  so the oxygen level has to be increased. He's at the max allowed on the patient floors. Another blood sample was done today and his white blood cell count has doubled from 2 days ago. He now has an infection that the doctor thinks is in the lungs, so the doctor has started antibiotics and steroids. Please pray that he turns the corner for good soon. Thank you.