Prayer Request

 Mary Justice shared the message below relating to a very tragic accident.  Please keep these families in your prayers. Prayers for understanding and peace for all involved.  Thank you.

Susan, I wanted to share this amongst the prayer warriors at Hollydale.  I do not know the parties involved, but a good friend of mine shared this very sad situation with me today.  Prayer is a wonderful thing. God knows all involved.  He just asks us to always pray.Prayers for Rick Poulnett and Karen Tinsley.  This happened in the Athens area last night.Rick was traveling home before he went to the hospital to check on his mom.  He was driving into the sun and struck Karen who was on a motorcycle.  He never knew what he hit until he saw her tire in the rear view mirror. He stopped to help and comfort her until emergency help came.  Tragically she lost her life and he lost part of his.Rick is being characterized as a very Godly person.  Leads by example. Walks by faith. Close relationship with God.  Deacon at his church.  No doubt both families lives are turned upside down, but there appears to be some finger pointing and the media getting quite involved.The sunshine is just an excuse but we have all had to endure that bright sun affecting our vision.Rick is portrayed as the person someone calls when they are struggling or needing to be uplifted.Both victims are remarkable people.  Rick has taught Sunday School for many years and has taught College and Career classes.  he and Kim both had led youth groups.  He is a wonderful son, loving husband, awesome Father and brother.Prayers for both families.  Praying for peace and some understanding. Praying that name calling and slander will stop. Praying that the Courts will get the decision right and Rick can move on.It is definitely affecting him emotionally as it would any of us.Again, just prayers for both families and this situation.