Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for my mother, Betty Garrette.  She had a heart catheterization today and they found her heart has more scar tissue and has narrowed.  The doctor told my sister who is with her that she needs open heart surgery, but would not survive it.  She is 80 years old.  The doctor said it’s about quality of life now, not quantity.  My mother lives in Tennessee, 5.5 hours away and can be a very difficult person at times and doesn’t want any strangers (and sometimes family members) helping her with anything.  My sister, Ketiva, who struggles with Lupus needs prayers as well for her health and for patience with my mother.  She can’t take care of her alone, is struggling to know what to do and any assistance she gets from outsiders my mother is mean and ugly toward them and they don’t come back. It’s definitely a battle.  Thank you.

Susan Davis