Please continue to keepThomas Evans in your prayers as he goes through his military boot camp training.  Tiffany sent the note below updating on him and ask that you continue to pray for and if you feel led, to send him a note or card of encouragement.  His address is attached and below as well.  Thank you.


Susan,  I received my first letter from Thomas.  If anyone would like to write, send a card and words of encouragement, this is his address.  I pray that all of HOLLYDALE’s many assortment of veterans will send a letter because we have all been there - WARNING - it may stir emotions since we lived that life and walked that walk - but he needs us most!  Thank you for all the prayers - his spirits are high and he is tired as expected- but he claims he is aware of his God-Given destiny and states he is ready for combative training this week - he feels his purpose is clear and he had the pleasure of hearing a sermon his 1st Sunday in the chapel from Billy Graham’s son - praise God!

He said it was very encouraging and told me to tell Hollydale thanks for raising him and thanks for all the prayers!  No comments about the Drill Sgts yet!



Tiffany L. Evans, Lay Leader



PVT2 Evans, Thomas Z.

3rd Platoon, “PUNISHERS”

E CO, 3-34 IN REGT 165th IN BDE

11951 Golden Arrow Road

Fort Jackson, SC  29207