Update on Prayer Request

 Message from Connie regarding Sarah’s surgery……..Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers this morning.  Thank you.

Hi everyone.  Lots has happened in 24 hours.  Mostly good.  Please feel free to share the update with the wonderful folks that have been kindly praying for Sarah and her unborn daughter, Quinn.  Tomorrow at 10:30 they will be removing the hemangioblastoma at the base of Sarah's brain.  While this is still brain surgery, the Neurosurgeon is pretty upbeat about her recovery.  The neonatologists are a bit more worried about Quinn.  They think that she will be fine but for a 23.5 week fetus, it would be a difficult time for the baby if she delivered this early.  We are praying that she doesn’t go into labor tomorrow.  Thanks again. I will update you tomorrow.