Answered Prayers

 Answered prayers and message from Pastor April…….

Baby Eric is doing so well the nurses told Miss Judith they believe he will be able to come home this weekend!  God has done it!  The prayers of the faithful are mighty indeed.  The family is so grateful for all of your prayers and encouragement!  They said Eric will be baptized at Hollydale soon!

As your pastor, my heart is full.  What a blessing that God would favor us to allow us to see His miraculous work among us!  Thank you for surrounding Miss Judith with love and care, Hollydale!  You are agents of His love. <3

Prayer Request

Please keep Kylie Parrish’s mom, Farah , in your prayers.  She was taken to the emergency room yesterday and later admitted to the hospital because her blood pressure and oxygen levels dropped and the doctor thinks there is a connection to her other symptoms and wanted some time to try and find the underlying cause for her medical problems, instead of just treating the symptoms.  Please pray for a diagnosis and treatment plan so she can be feeling well again very soon.  Thank you.

Prayer Request

Please keep baby Erick and his mother, Judith, in your prayers.  Many who were at the Mother’s Day service will remember that Ms. Judith won the gift card for having the youngest child.  Baby Erick was born premature and is still at Kennestone Hospital.  They estimate he will be in the incubator for two more week.  He’s gaining some weight, but needs continual prayers.  Ms. Judith needs prayers as well for strength and comfort as she waits for the day baby Erick can be in her arms and at home with his family.  Thank you.

Prayer Request

Please keep my sister, Kevita Lynch, in your prayers.  She was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to fatique, nausea, fever, joint pain and high lactic acid levels and has a possible infection.  As many know, she suffers with Lupus, which is a terrible debilitating disease.  Please pray for comfort, rest and healing.  Thank you.

Susan Davis

Prayer Request

Please keep Greg Detweiler, Toni Cox’s brother in your prayers.  On Wednesday, Greg was found unconscious on the sidewalk while out riding his bike and a Good Samaritan found him and called 911.  They couldn’t get a heartbeat and they used the paddles to try and revive him, then rushed him to the hospital.  He is in a medically induced coma in ICU.  They are going to try and remove him from the coma possibly today to check his status.  Please keep Greg, his wife, Toni and their family in your prayers as they go through this difficult situation.  Thank you.

Update on Prayer Request

 Message from Connie regarding Sarah’s surgery……..Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers this morning.  Thank you.

Hi everyone.  Lots has happened in 24 hours.  Mostly good.  Please feel free to share the update with the wonderful folks that have been kindly praying for Sarah and her unborn daughter, Quinn.  Tomorrow at 10:30 they will be removing the hemangioblastoma at the base of Sarah's brain.  While this is still brain surgery, the Neurosurgeon is pretty upbeat about her recovery.  The neonatologists are a bit more worried about Quinn.  They think that she will be fine but for a 23.5 week fetus, it would be a difficult time for the baby if she delivered this early.  We are praying that she doesn’t go into labor tomorrow.  Thanks again. I will update you tomorrow.


Prayer Request

Received a prayer request from Shelley Brewster.  Please keep her uncle, Jeff Bachmanin your prayers.  He is currently in Blount County Hospital in TN with a severe lung infection.  They are praying that this will be a road to recovery for him in many ways.  Also, please keep Kellie Bachman in your prayers as she has been sick for about a month.  Shelley indicated they are both very kind people, salt of the earth.  Prayers for healing and comfort for them both.  Thank you.

Prayer Request

Please keep Connie Engel and her family in your prayers.  Connie’s daughter, Sarah, is pregnant and wasn’t feeling well and went to the doctor to check on her symptoms.  They discovered a lesion on her brain and are working through this to determine a course of action.  Please keep Sarah, her husband and their family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time and hopefully have answers very soon.

In addition, Connie’s sister has thyroid cancer and is scheduled for surgery next week at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  Pray for a successful surgery, removal of all cancer, comfort and healing.  Also, pray for the MD Anderson medical team that is highly skilled with this type procedure as they care for her.  Thank you.

Travel Mercies

Please keep Pastor April in your prayers for travel mercies as she takes a few days off for some rest and relaxation starting Saturday, April 4th through Wednesday, April 8th.

She will have limited availability by email or cell, but should you need pastoral care, please contact her.  In April’s absence, Reverend Blair Zant will be our guest speaker this Sunday.  Please join us this communion Sunday and let’s worship together!

Prayer Request

Please keep my friend and coworker, Marilee Walter, in your prayers.  Marilee’s mother Ellen passed away suddenly early Sunday morning at Northside Hospital after being diagnosed with acute leukemia last week.  She was told by the doctors there wasn’t anything more they could do due to the state of the cancer, as well as Ellen’s age and condition.  Pray for acceptance, peace and comfort for Marilee and her family as they grieve the sudden loss of their loved one.  Thank you.

Susan Davis

Prayer Request

Please pray for my brother and his family, Hollydale. His father in law suffered a stroke several years ago. My brother became one of his main encouragers and spent a lot of time with him during his recovery. He has had more difficulty recently and has been in the hospital on dialysis for several months.  He has decided to refuse his dialysis treatments going forward.

Please pray for Will Sr (his father in law), his wife (Christy), his son (Wes Jr), his daughter (Maegan) and my brother.  Christy has a brother, Will J., and we keep him and his family in prayer as well.  We pray for the peace of Christ in each heart, understanding and for comfort.  May all be able to see the situation with the eternal in mind.

Thank you so much!

Pastor April

Please continue to keep Debra Bozeman and her family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of her mother, Rosie Lee Hunter.  Rosie’s funeral service will bethis Friday, March 29th in Hammond, Louisiana.  Below is a link to Rosie’s obituary.  The obituary shows March 30th,  but the 29th is the correct day.  If you would like to send a note or card of condolence to Debra, her address is below.  Thank you.

View details at

Debra Bozeman & Family

1866 Winding Creek Lane

Marietta, GA 30064