Hollydale Pumpkin Patch!

Spread the word so folks are buying their pumpkins from our Hollydale UMC Patch!  

  • Share that all the money is split between the church & the Navajo Indian Reservation in NM.

  • Share there is face painting, pumpkin carving, story time, & pumpkin painting on sight.

  • Share that on Fridays from 2-4pm there will be Pamper the Pets where the kids can come interact with animals (rabbit, turtle, dog) and help raise money for the Girl Scouts.

  • The pumpkins are reminding us of our most powerful weapon/tool for living well.  Challenge your friends, coworkers, and people you don't know standing next to you in line at the checkout to stop by and see if they can figure out what the pumpkins are reminding them to do.