Prayer Request

 Update and message from Pastor April…….

Hello, Hollydale Family!  Thank you for praying for Miss Nita.  The doctors discovered a UTI and are working to get her hydrated enough to recieve the antiobiotics she needs interveniously.  She is in Green Tower, Room 763.  Please, whether you know her or not, stop in to see her to share the love and hope of Christ not only with our dear sister Miss Hilt but with her room mate as well.  There is no better way for folks to see who Christ is than through the love and hope that shines through each one of you!I recommend visits of 15 minutes or less as Miss Nita is tired and needs to rest.  Please take a card of encouragement to Miss Nita so she and her family will remember you visited.  Please take a card of encouragement for her room mate as well as God leads you.Thank you for your compassionate heart for Christ and the deep walk of being His disciple.  It is a joy to see!In His Service Pastor April 678.571.7818