Special Weekend of Music @ Hollydale

You and your family and friends are invited to enjoy a Special Weekend of Music at Hollydale UMC!


Southern Gospel, Bluesy Rock & Traditional


Friday, August 17th @ 7pm

Southern Gospel with Tom Moore

Saturday, August 18th @ 7pm

Traditional with Ralph Freeman

Sunday, August 19th @ 11am Worship Service


Musical Guests: Tom Moore & Ralph Freeman   /  Speakers: Ashley Smith (Sun.)

“Give me Oil in my Lamp!”  We never want to be lamps without oil!  Join together for this time to hear music and testimony and remember the Lord's grace & goodness! 

Come, let your lamp be filled with the oil of the Lord!  May the light of Christ shine brightly in and through you for all the world to see!  Let Him set your feet & heart to dancing!  

If someone you know wants to share a solo, a song set or a testimony, please have them text Pastor April at 678.571.7818 or email to aprilellisellis@gmail.com.

Come out and be blessed!