Urgent Prayer Request

Please keep this family in your prayer.  Pastor April forwarded the information below about their terrible struggle right now.  Prayers also for the medical team attending to Leigh and Van and as mentioned below the parents are in a very fragile state, so only God can heal them and guide the doctors on how best to treat them.  Pray for the children (Ava & Piers) as they struggle with not being able to talk to their parents and understand the complexity and seriousness of this terrible tragedy.  Thank you.

Please pray for a family here in Marietta, Georgia. I don’t know them personally, but they are in need of lots of prayers on their behalf. The mother and father (Leigh and Van) where involved in a terrible accident a couple months ago and have been in the hospital fighting for their lives. They were out in their back yard enjoying their outside gas grill and for some unknown reason the gas grill exploded and burned Leigh and Van over 75% on their bodies. Their children (Ava and Piers) were not outside with them, so they are safe. Unfortunately, the children’s’ lives have been turned upside down, due to their parents health issues. The doctor’s have had to keep Leigh and Van sedated, so they don’t feel the pain of their injuries. The children have been staying with relatives and have not been able to talk with their parents yet. It is a terrible tragedy.

Anyway, If you could pass this informationon for prayers for this family, I know that only God can heal Leigh and Van. They are in a fragile health status, so only God can heal them and guide the doctors on how best to treat them.