Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for the family of Steven Anderson.  Steven committed suicide on Wednesday and his mother, Natalie sent me a message late last night.  Many may remember Steven was a young man in his early 30's who I became friends with through my son's own struggles and he and I wrote letters to each other over a couple of years and I shared my love for God and he shared his struggles with God with me.  I contacted his mother at one point and took her to see him in prison after they hadn't talked in 3 years.  She had no means of transportation to travel the distance.  God put all that together.  My heart is sad today.  I pray that Steven is now at peace as he struggled with a lot over his young life and I pray that he did realize that God loved him, even when he didn't want to accept it.  Pray for Natalie and her family as they deal with the tragedy of his death.  Thank you.