Paint out Pain returns

Think what a wonderful gift this would be to help someone who struggles with abuse.  There are many who don’t recognize they are being abused, while others see it happening.

P.O.P. “Paint Out Pain” is returning to Hollydale UMC on Saturday, December 15 from 1pm-4pmth, led by Ms. Janie Deadwyler.  Below is a link that will provide you with the details and you can purchase tickets and register to attend.  Pray for this event, those leading and attending, that it will open the eyes, hearts and minds of those who are needing it the most!  Thank you.

P.O.P. "Paint Out Pain" will help you to see how to release the hurt of emotional, verbal, mental, physical and psychological abuse.

Finally release these emotions in a creative, safe and freeing atmosphere.

What or Who hurt you?

How many times have you seen the 'RED FLAGS?"

Are there children involved?

What Would You Do?

Can you give unconditional love over and over again?

What makes you think you can change them?

LIMITED SEATING: GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY BY: DECEMBER 8, 2018 – Click on the link below……